The Curry Merry Muster Festival commenced in 1954 to put the town of Cloncurry on the map and provide visitors and locals with an exceptional entertainment experience, whilst displaying some of the fundamental skills that were required to successfully manage stock in times gone by.

In 2009, the Curry Merry Muster committee separated from the Cloncurry Rotary Club to incorporate under the banner which we display today – the Curry Merry Muster Festival Inc.


An event, organised completely by a committee of dedicated volunteers and supported by over 60 valued sponsors – it is a credit to every hand that was involved in its making.

The current committee is focused on bringing you the best entertainment in the industry, at an affordable cost for families.  They value the Heritage of Rodeo that this Festival was built on, and intend to honour that History, whilst giving you more bang for your buck each year.