Cloncurry Supports Miss Rodeo Australia

Cloncurry Supports Miss Rodeo Australia

Not since 1992 has the Curry Merry Muster Festival had a Miss Rodeo Australia (MRA) quest entrant; and if history is anything to repeat itself their entrant for the 2015/16 quest 23 year old Katy Scott should be in with a good chance…Kylie Ferguson (formerly McIntyre) 1992’s entrant taking out the national crown.

An initiative of the Australian Professional Rodeo Association (APRA) the MRA is synonymous with Rodeo; young girls through to women of all ages annually competing at local levels for the chance to go on to represent their home towns and to be the face of Australian Rodeo internationally.

Generally a large undertaking through a Queen Quest style competition organisers were considering re-introducing the initiative to the Merry Muster Festival in 2016 but an urgent call from APRA requesting additional nominees saw Katy’s late selection.

Nominated to represent the Ernest Henry Mining Curry Merry Muster Festival for her passion for all things rodeo and her eagerness to promote her home town event, Katy Scott is over the moon about the opportunity.

“This is only the second time I have done anything like this (having entered the junior Curry Merry Muster Festival Queen Quest at the age of 14 in 2008) so I am really excited to have been given the opportunity to represent Cloncurry, the Merry Muster and potentially even Australian Rodeo” said Katy.

With all MRA quest entrants required to raise funds for their entrance fee and travel to the national judging hosted in Warwick in late November Katy will have a long list of fundraisers coming up over the next couple of months; starting with a raffle at her home town Ernest Henry Mining Curry Merry Muster Festival kicking off this Thursday where Katy will also be competing in the Ladies Barrel Race.

“On top of my ambassador duties over the weekend and selling raffle tickets for my fundraiser I am really looking forward to competing in the ladies barrel race.”

Horsemanship a requirement of all MRA quest entrants, Katy who has been competing in barrel racing events all around Queensland since she was 10 may just have a little leg up on the competition.

With current MRA Danika Boland to also be a special guest of the Merry Muster Festival hopefully Katy’s talents and passion for rodeo along with some helpful tips from Danika will see her make it all the way in MRA 2015/16.

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