Life Members

Thanks to our valued Life Members…


A page donated to those past and present Life Members that have helped the “Merry Muster” be what it is today

Our Life Members are people who were or are dedicated volunteers who have put many years into the Curry Merry Muster Festival. It is a great honor to be awarded a Life Member, an appreciation for genuine hard work.

Thank you to our Life Members and valued volunteers.

Joe Robertson Snr (Founder), Hazel Robertson, Greg Scott, Noel Robertson, Frank Booth, Bonny McIntyre, Paddy Cusack, Bob Scott, Cliff McIntyre, Rex Moreland, Marcia McGee, Kevin McGee, Reg Robertson, Ray Campbell, Bob Katter Snr, Barry Jones, John & Fay Brearley, Allan Boon, Malita Dolan, Jim McDonald, Ock & Kaye Remfrey, Betty Kiernan, Colin Ferguson, Alan & Jenny Remfrey, Carlie Remfrey, Keith Douglas Jnr, Ashton Boon, Peta McIntyre, Raymond Vidler and Maree Walduck.